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Matt Caldwell is a passionate defender of our God-given Constitutional liberties. He believes in limited government, advocates for term limits, and is a staunch defender of our right to keep and bear arms. Matt is committed to:

  • Defending Your 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Restoring and Preserving Our Water Resources
  • Protecting and Growing Florida Agricultural Jobs
  • Increasing Florida’s Production of Quality Foods
  • Protecting Florida Consumers from Fraud

A 7th generation Florida native, Matt Caldwell and his wife Yvonne are raising their daughter, Ava, in Lee County

On The Issues

2nd Amendment

Consistently fought for second amendment rights, earning an endorsement from the NRA

Pro Life

Uncompromising pro-life advocate and supporter of traditional family values. Earning 100% rating from Florida Right to Life

Tax Cuts

Voted for billions in tax cuts and has an A+ rating from Americans for Prosperity